Zile Singh


Zile Singh know how to make things happen. He is an IT Geek, who founded Secure Web Techonoliges in 2012. He is a senior IT Specialist having years of experience in information services industry, delivering web and mobile applications, working with tech since floppy-discs were mainstream. He is a detail orientated and will find the right solution for your next move in IT advancement. He considers value, morality, and diligency as the pillars of his successful journey so far and continues to stick to by them.

Our Team

Vishakha Guleria
HR Manager
Sumit Walia
Operational Project Manager
Vikas Rana
Technical Project Cordinator
Rohit Aery
Business Development Manager
Disha Walia
Sr. App Developer
Pritpal Kaur
Sr. Web Developer
Santosh Kumar
Sr. Web Developer
Surinder Kumar
Sr. Web Developer
Ritu Sharma
Web Developer
Aslam Khan
Web Developer
Kanika Khanna
Web Developer
Raman Kumar
Sr. Web Designer
Vikas Kumar
Web Designer
Shammu Kumar
Web Designer
Arushi Sharma
Web Designer
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